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The 21st century has seen an expansion of research into the mind body spirit connection - particularly looking at the profound health and wellness benefits of spiritual practice, a balanced lifestyle, positive mindsets and attitude.

One of the leading proponents of this work is Dr William Bloom. He has written several books including ‘The Endorphin Effect’ and ‘The Power of Modern Spirituality’. From 2006 I was privileged to participate in a two year training with Dr Bloom, which led to me becoming a Spiritual Companion and then a Spiritual Companion Educator with the Spiritual Companions Trust.

The Spiritual Companions Trust, is an educational charity founded by William Bloom. It is an educational charity that develops resources and delivers programmes at the interface of health, wellbeing and spirituality. It celebrates diversity and welcome people from all spiritual traditions and none at all.

Spiritual Companions are dedicated to supporting people in a person-centred and holistic approach to spirituality through:

• Courses
• Community
• One-to-one and small groups
• Organisational trainings and consultancy
• Continuing professional development (CPD) trainings

As a Spiritual Companion Educator I am able to offer:

Spiritual Health Programme

My Healing Journey

As a spiritual health facilitator I thought it might be useful to share with you some of my healing journey and how I found spirituality to be such a crucial factor.

In my teens, following a trauma, my body started to give out on my and I knew if I wanted to live, I needed to make some changes. These are the ten factors I found to be most important....

1. A quest for meaning and purpose - I needed to find out if there was a reason to live. My life that mapped ahead seemed pleasant enough - school, marriage, kids - but I wanted more. So started my spiritual quest.

2. Listening to the wisdom of my body: My renewed sense of purpose inspired the will to get well - but how. The spirit was willing but the body was still weak. I realised I needed to listen to and work within the constraints of my body.

3. Self care: I created a programme of self care including times of healthy but not 'orthorexic' nutrition, rest, gentle and aerobic exercise. Initially, my energy levels were low, so it was a gentle build up.

4. Altitude practices: It was easy to lose morale. Practices of gratitude, inhaling the beauty of nature, innerly smiling, daydreaming beautiful thoughts....all these kept me uplifted and sane.

5. Attune to spirit: Stay connected to the start dust beyond the mundanity of 'blobsville' - It can be so easy to connect! Inspirational readings, prayer, opening intuition to the spiritual dimension, remembering who I am, times of meditation and reflection, energy healing - all played their part.

6. Community of like minded beings - I needed to feel understood and with people who were on my wavelength - people who could meet me at soul level.

7. Psychological healing: As I grew stronger, memories of trauma surfaced. I began to see that my physical illness had been based in psychological wounding - which I needed to address to heal. This was perhaps the scariest part of the journey and took the most courage - facing my shadows!

8. The power of empathy: For me, I could not do it completely on my own. The healing power of someone who could be with me in my pain - not trying to escape it but being in it with me - holding compassion - showed me how to do this for myself.

9. Fun and joy: It is so easy to let life become serious. Making time for fun and joy; laughter and lunacy.

10. Giving back: Self healing can become self centered. As give back - support others, acknowledge and appreciate. It is actually serving that brings fulfillment.

Spiritual Health Programme
Developed by the Spiritual Companions Trust, I am proud to be able to offer you the spiritual health programme, either one to one or small groups.

‘This is a straightforward approach, grounded in good science, which anyone can use to boost their emotional wellbeing, improve their physical and mental health and connect to the good things in life’ Spiritual Companions Trust
Apply for one to one
Next group starts Thursday July 5th 7.00pm

Picture of Naomi Duffield

It’s rare for anyone to find time to explore their health and wellness issues with a trained professional...

As a Whole Health Coach, Transpersonal Counsellor and Spiritual Companion I have a unique and comprehensive training that enables me to support you in all aspects of wellness - body, mind, heart and soul.

Most approaches work with the individual in dissected parts, eg. either physical health or psychological health. I am able to work with you as an integrated whole, helping you holistically as you grow into the person you long to be - and witnessing you flourish. My clients have found that this approach creates a much larger impact than they originally anticipated

Naomi Duffield

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World renowned Angel expert and author Chrissie Astell comes to Swanage. Seven Steps to Spiritual Empowerment - March 9 – 16 with Chrissie Astell and Naomi Duffield.

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