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A Very Warm Welcome to Swanage Retreats

With the increasing uncertainty of this fast paced world, more and more people are seeking a spiritual haven to chill and de-stress. This is why we bought Bella Vista with its stunning sea-views and gorgeous setting, the atmosphere lulls you into a sense of stillness and peace. 

Our approach is psychospiritual; namely we integrate both psychological and spiritual growth - nourishing both heart and soul. Our intent is to promote ‘whole health’. Both of us on our life’s journeys have found that spirituality formed an integral part of our healing and growth; but we have also found that spirituality without psychology lacks authenticity and depth work; just as psychology, without spirituality, lacks purpose and connection. So, for us it is important to blend the two and we have spent the last twenty years, both in Dorset and in Norfolk, facilitating this (our wellness and spirituality section keeps you updated about this field). To fulfill this vision we are offering a variety of meditations, workshops, courses, trainings and retreats.

So, enjoy this website - lap up the beautiful images of the seascape surrounding us, browse our offerings and, if you feel resonance with what we are doing, come and visit to experience it for real.

Naomi and William Duffield.

Free Session

As part of the national launch of ‘Your Spiritual Health Programme’ you are warmly invited to a presentation and experience at The Mowlem, Swanage on Sun 31st March.

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Picture of Naomi Duffield

It’s rare for anyone to find time to explore their health and wellness issues with a trained professional...

As a Whole Health Coach, Transpersonal Counsellor and Spiritual Companion I have a unique and comprehensive training that enables me to support you in all aspects of wellness - body, mind, heart and soul.

Most approaches work with the individual in dissected parts, eg. either physical health or psychological health. I am able to work with you as an integrated whole, helping you holistically as you grow into the person you long to be - and witnessing you flourish. My clients have found that this approach creates a much larger impact than they originally anticipated

Naomi Duffield

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Latest News

World renowned Angel expert and author Chrissie Astell comes to Swanage. Seven Steps to Spiritual Empowerment - March 9 – 16 with Chrissie Astell and Naomi Duffield.

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Free Consultation

FREE, one-on-one, 30-minute professional consultation with Naomi Duffield.

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